Introducing some of the 21st century technologies we are now offering here at Take A New Approach Health & Wellness Center to assist in your health care.  We exclusively offer the Elite 5.0 ZYTO Bio-Communication Technology in Lexington.  This technology is cleared by the FDA as a medical device to do no harm and is used as a decision support technology for your nutritional needs and overall health care choices.  The way it works is explained in the short video below.  Call us today to experience this 21st century technology for yourself or go to ZYTO's web site to learn more about this amazing Decision Support Technology @



In addition to the ZYTO software, we have access to I one of the newest laser technology that is out there today. The Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems. To help explain how the laser is being used in our healthcare, below Dr. Mercola does a wonderful job interviewing Phil Harrington about Cold Laser Therapy Technology. This is a great explanation and introduction to laser technology and how it works.  We are offering a brand new laser technology that works even deeper in the body than the cold K-Laser does which can open the door for some remarkable outcomes.

Here at Take A New Approach Health & Wellness, we are honored to be offering what we think is the most advanced Laser technology on the market today!! The Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems. This laser is cleared by the FDA to do no harm and is used to reduce inflammation and pain in muscles and joints, whether from injuries, muscle pulls/tears or typical lower back pain.  The benefits of this technology are endless.  Call us today for more information or to set up your appointment to experience this new technology.  If you would like further information please go to their website to learn more about this cutting edge technology @


"The Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems is the hottest thing in Laser Technology!'